Kathy’s sitting under one of the stairwells, looking out a window. James comes quietly down the stairs and she jumps when he starts talking.

“You know, my sister calls you a rabbit. I think it’s pretty apt. You’re so on edge, you jump like one, your eyes do the same terrified darting around, and you run from everything.”

“What are you doing here?” Kathy says grumpily.

James grins menacingly, and the menace slips into his tone as he speaks. “I like checking in on people. Seeing how they’re doing. And I can’t imagine you’re doing very well right now.” He pauses for a moment. “You really don’t suit being in Jen’s little posse, you know that? You’re not like the others. You’re far less ruthless. All those girls sold their souls to the devil years ago, and here you are still clinging to the little bits of goodness you have left.”

“Shut up James.”

“You know you’re not actually a good person, right? If you were a good person, you’d drop our little group in a minute. You’d run to some other people, and attempt to make up for your wrongs. But you’re still with us. You love the power, and your friends,” he smirks, “even Jen. You could never give it up. You’re too greedy for that.” He stops again, gauging her expression. “I watch people, you know. Fun thing to do.”

“I’m aware,” Kathy says sharply.

“You want to know what I see when I look at you? Poor little devoted Kathy, who’s loved my dear sister since we were kids, you want to know who she is now? She’s a worthless lacky. She hides behind people she doesn’t even agree with. She hates herself. She’s guilty of every crime in the book, at least by association. And I see your little looks. I know you try to be like Gianna, but you can never walk the line she does. You’ve got far too much blood on your hands. You’ve been a part of everything, everyone my sister’s ever hurt.”

“Shut up, James!”

“Why? You think Abby hasn’t thought this? Gianna? They all know where your loyalty lies. They all know you’d never put yourself out there for the sake of anyone but yourself.” He pauses. “I must say. I admire your self preservation instinct, if nothing else. You really know how to keep yourself out of trouble. Too bad it’s wasted on little high school games.”

“If you’re so high and mighty, why aren’t you taking your own advice?”

“I don’t do advice, I make observations. Do whatever you want, it’s all the same to me. And besides, I do my own thing, make my own decisions. I run my own life. I’m part of everything by choice. Can you say the same?”

Kathy looks down at her knees.

James smiles. “Well, the back up brigade is probably going to be here any minute, so I’d better get going. Robin would rip my head off is she saw us alone together.” He snickered. “Enjoy the rest of your day, Kathy.”

He heads back up the stairs, and Kathy settles her head on her knees, hiding her face.

Gianna and Robin show up in the doorway, Robin going at sitting next to Kathy, putting her arm around her. Gianna looks up the stairs and catches a glimpse of James heading out of the stairwell.