You have big fluffy panda ears

They wrap around your face like saran wrap

They stick from your head like mini boulders

Ready to twist with the wind

You have a little giraffe tail as well

Twisting around your torso

Complaining for more attention

In your panda ears are small snails

Waving and saying hello

They are tell me to sleep

Because oh I haven’t been this tired in a while

But I stay awake

Roaming the landscape of my mind

Telling myself I need to stop thinking

Of the inconsistencies

And how no one will tell why there’s gummy

Bears in the vents

And why counting stars keeps reverberating in my skull

I have too many thoughts of too many

People hopping in my head like poison

Dart frogs telling me they won’t hurt until

I pick them and toss them across a river

You have fluffy panda ears

I wish I could reach them from the outstretches of my bedroom

But you’re too far away working on your escape plan

Soon I will visit the zoo

And you won’t be there anymore

Goodbye my fluffy eared friend

It’s time to get some sleep.