Another bell rings, much later on in the day, and the whole gang is back together again. They’re all laughing and talking about nothing in particular, before Jen makes an disdainful comment and everyone laughs.

Two people come out of a nearby classroom, the short, dark girl from before and the nerdy, slightly shorter boy. They take note of the large group of people laughing down the hall from them, and move quickly, in unison, step for step, attempting to pass them.

Unfortunately for them, James notices them over Jen’s shoulder, catches her eye, and nods in their general direction. Jen turns quickly on her heel, and smiles viciously when she sees who he’d meant. The rest of the group turns to see what has managed to catch Jen’s attention.

“Speak of the freak,” she laughs.

“Hey freak!” Erin says, raising his voice.

The pair, apparently muttering to each other, pay him no mind.

He tries again. “Lesbian!”

Still nothing, and Erin’s fist clenches, and his jaw tightens.

“I’m talking to you nerds!”

The two make their way past the group, still not paying them the slightest attention. Erin makes to grab the girl’s arm as she passes, but Jen places a hand on his arm and he stops.

Jen’s smile seems even brighter than before. “Film Club geeks! I heard your little nerd club is actually making a movie for once.”

The girl finally stops, and slowly turns towards the group. Her eyes are narrowed, but there’s a spark of excitement in them, and an air of confidence around the girl, her shoulders back, eyes meeting Jen’s, the rest of the group’s, and finally Kathy’s. Kathy can’t seem to hold her gaze.

“We’ve been writing horror movies for years,” the girl says mockingly. “Keep up. Anyway, what about it? Your little bitch posse isn’t into that sort of thing, as far as I can tell. Why the sudden interest?”

“I also heard your lesbian lover is helping you and your boytoy make it.”

The girl shrugs. Jen tenses for a moment, but James’ hand on her shoulder seems to bring her back.

“The reason I’m asking is because you seem to be killing me and my friends off one by one. It’s pretty obvious, if you ask me. How does your little girlfriend feel about that?”

“She doesn’t seem to care. It’s not like it’s hurting anyone.”

“Aren’t you afraid of scaring off your ratty group of followers by showing them what’s really going on in your head? Once they start seeing you for the freak you are, they’re all going to be gone. And I bet you could get locked up for psycho things like this, or at the very least EXPELLED.”

“Shouldn’t you be more worried about people finding out what’s going on in your head, Jen? Plenty of secrets there, I’d bet. Now the girl is grinning, the spark in her eyes turning into a flame. “Bet I even know a few of them. But hey, I’m nice enough to not go around throwing shit in people’s faces. You really need to up your game if this is all you’ve got.”

The nerdy boy tugs at the strap of her bag, and in a barely audible whisper says to her, “We should leave while you’re ahead.”

The girl laughs. “No way, I want to see what’s she’s got.” She pauses, mockingly thoughtful.Tell you what, Jen, since you seem so interested in my movie, how about I give you a part in it? That way I’m not killing off a character like you, it’s just you. I haven’t cast the bimbo who dies first, and I’d love to kill you off, even if it’s only for the camera.”

Jen smiles sarcastically. “I think I’ll pass.” She turns quickly to her friends, throwing her arms out wide, dramatically gesturing at the scene behind her. “What did I tell you? Abby Moore is a freak, a psycho.” Her cruel smile returns. “I guess we already knew that though, didn’t we? Like father, like daughter, that’s what they say.” She flips her hair in Abby’s general direction, signalling the end of her audience.

The boy tightens his grip on Abby’s bag. “Don’t.”

“Let go Nial. I can handle myself,” Abby mutters.

“Ain’t that the truth,” Nial sighs, rolling his eyes.

Abby grins and raises her voice. “Anyway, she’s just bitching because I stole her boyfriend in 8th grade. I give her props, she’s damn good at holding a grudge. So am I, though.”

Jen whirls around to face Abby. “Please, like you could steal a guy from me, lesbian.”

“Why not? I’m dying to hear about all of my supposed shortcomings.”

“Well, for one you’re a lesbian.”

“Guys tend to be into that whole girl on girl thing. Well, pervs and open minded guys at least. Don’t tell me you and your gal pals haven’t tried that one before.”

Jen’s face flattens into nonchalance. “You’re also a psycho with no friends, except for your weird nerd pet.” She throws an offhand gesture in Nial’s direction.

“I’ve got enough friends to make a movie, and that’s all I really need. Also doesn’t affect my ability to get boys.”

“And then there are your parents…”

Abby’s grin drops into an angry line across her face. “Shut up. My family’s got nothing to do with this.”

Jen twirls a bit of her hair coyly around her finger. “Why not? I have so many interesting things to say about them.”

Nial takes a miniscule step forward to stand in line with Abby. “Some things are better left unsaid,” he says quietly, “which is why I’m going to leave, and take Abby with me if that’s alright.”

Jen grins, triumphant, and Nial’s eyes narrow. “By the way, at least Abby has friends who actually like her, unlike your faux-BFF bullshit. All your friends are scared of you.”

His eyes land on Kathy, who shifts her weight nervously from foot to foot.

“Abby’s right, a character like you is always the first to die.”

“What do you know, writer boy?” Jen snarls.

“Quite a bit, I like to think.”

Erin and Darryl share a look and take a step towards Nial, eyeing him, waiting for him to make a move. Abby grabs Nial before he can do anything, and mutters, “Hey, I can take these guys one on one, but three at once drastically lowers our survival odds.”

Nial nods, seemingly satisfied with the look on Jen’s face, and allows Abby to drag him down the hall in the direction they’d originally intended.

After a moment, Abby laughs. “Sometimes I think you say too much, Plotman.”

Nial just grins at her. “Look who’s talking.”

“Some day that girl’s going to get what’s coming to her,” Abby says, malice lacing her voice.

“I’m not helping you hide the body,” Nial replies with a shrug.

“Who says I need to hide it? Leave it out in the open where it can scar someone else.”