A group of guys, most of them in varsity jackets are standing in the hallways, taking up most of it, when the girls walk in, Jen leading the girls straight to them. The boys wave them over as they catch sight of them.

One boy, the typical blonde-haired blue eyed pretty boy, turned immediately to Kathy and wrapped his arm around her. “Hey Kath.”

“Hey Erin!” Kathy greets him happily, leaning in and kissing him for slightly longer than necessary.

While this is happening, one of the other boys, who looks very much like Jen, greets the rest of the girls. “Mornin Sis, girls.”

“Hey James,” Jen replies. “Darryl, and you too Erin, when you’re done.” She eyes fall on the one boy in the group not wearing a varsity jacket. “Who’s the new kid?”

The kid in question smiles brightly at her. “Name’s Sam.”

James nods. “He’s new to town. Cool kid. Says he can get us in the party down at Rivermoore.”

Nes laughs. “I can do that already. Ben said he’s going, so he can get us in.”

Jen looks Sam up and down once before smiling. “Still, nice trick. You boys down to party tonight?” She turns, giving Sam her full attention. “I’m Jen, if you were curious.” She offers him a hand, which he takes.

James glances between them and a smile very similar to his sister’s spreads across his face. “You better watch out with this one. My little sister’s a slut.”

Jen throws him a glare. “You’re not exactly one to talk.” A knowing look is swapped, and a moment of tension ensues, until Jen breaks it with a quick little quip. “And we’re twins, so I’m not your little sister.”

“You ARE technically younger. And you check all the bratty little sister boxes, so you’re close enough.”

Kathy, having finally pulled away from Erin, notices Sam seeming confused and left out as the siblings banter.

“Ignore them. They like fighting. I’m Kathy, by the way, and that’s Robin, and Nes over there. Since you’re hanging out with the guys, you must be on the lacrosse team, right?”

“Yeah, though I’m still waiting on my cool varsity jacket. I stick out like a sore thumb like this.”

Kathy giggles as he gestures to his own jacket.

“Don’t worry dude, you’re fine. James barely ever wears his anyway,” Erin says.

“And it’s not like anyone’s going to wear it better than you Erin, stud that you are,” Jen adds, rolling her eyes, but also shooting Erin one of her prettier smiles. Everyone laughs at this, though Kathy’s laugh might have sounded a little forced.

Nes chimes back in at the break in conversation. “Anyway, are we going to this party or not?”

Jen nods, looking at Sam. “I’m going. I suddenly feel like partying. Boys?” She gives all of them a suggestive smile and they all nod in agreement. “Good. Meet you guys there then.” She turns to one of the guys who had been lingering in the back by James. “Darryl, walk me to class?” Darryl nods and they head off down the hallway together. James rolls his eyes and follows after them.

Erin turns to Kathy. “I gotta get going too. See you later Babe.” He gives her a quick kiss and head in the same direction as James. Sam glances after him hesitantly.

“He’s in my first class so I’d better follow him. See you girls later?” He asks, mainly looking at Kathy as he does so.

“Yeah, see you later!” Kathy says brightly.

Sam hurries off after Erin and Nes laughs. “All the boys running after Jen. Typical.”

An awkward pause takes hold until Kathy spots a pair of girls down the hall.

“Hey, it’s Gianna and Melody. Hey, you guys!” she calls as she heads towards them.

The two girls, one a tanned, dark-haired girl and and short, bright girl who could only be described as fluffy, turn toward Kathy.

“Hey Kathy! How’s it going?” the fluffy one says, happily grinning from ear to ear.

The other girl throws them a nod. “Hey girls. Sorry, but I’ve got to go, I want to get to Psych early so Mrs. Hughes doesn’t roast my guts like last time.”

Robin laughs. “You’d rather hang out with the freaks, and Nial,” she adds teasingly, “than us Gianna, admit it.”

Gianna joins in with her laughter. “You know that’s not true.” She turns slowly away from them, making to leave. “On that note though, I’ve got Film Club tonight, and I might be busy after that if all goes well.”

“So you’re not coming to the party tonight?” Nes asks.

“Probably not. See you guys!” Gianna calls as she runs off down the hall. The girls watch as she heads straight for a small group, two guys, one tall and dark, the other nerdy and a bit on the short side, and a slim girl with dark hair and bright eyes hidden behind glasses. They all greet Gianna happily, and then hurry off as the first bell rings.

The girls exchange glances.

“That’s our cue to split,” Robin says with a sigh. “See you at lunch Kath?”

“Of course! See ya!”

Nes, Robin and Melody head off in one direction, while Kathy heads in another, slipping into a nearby classroom. A girl, short and dark, standing at the front of the room chatting with a slightly older girl catches her attention. As soon as the girl notices Kathy’s eyes on her though, she makes a face, and quickly exits the room before Kathy can even attempt to interact with her. The older girl looks on at the exchange, notes Kathy’s look of guilt, and approaches her.

Kathy jumps when the girl starts talking.

“You okay? You look a little confused? Walk into the wrong classroom? Meet someone you didn’t want to?”

Kathy shakes her head. “No, no, everything’s fine…I just spaced for a second.”

The girl chatters on. “I get that. Not enough coffee in the morning and I can’t function for more than a minute. I’m your new TA, by the way. The teacher’s going to tell you to call me Ms. Wilde, but seriously, I’m like four years older than you.”

Kathy looks at her blankly, not following a word she’s saying. “Right.”

“Call me Emily,” the girl continues.

“Kathy, nice to meet you.”

Kathy turns slowly towards the seats as the second bell rings, signalling the start of class, and more kids rush in to fill seats.