Scene 1

A large white house sits in a nice little neighborhood, one of those picturesque white picket suburban neighborhoods where everyone is a little too rich and all the problems get painted over. Everyone knows one of those towns. Birds chirp and kids laugh, nice cars roll down the road, everything seems pretty quaint. The house in question has nicely draped windows leading into a pretty little kitchen. Everything seems calm.

“That bitch!” exclaims a loud voice from the kitchen, the thump of hands slamming a table ringing out.

Maybe not so calm.

Three girls are scattered around in the kitchen, all turned towards the disturbance, another girl, standing at the table she’d just hit, looking furious. She’s a petite brunette girl who looks like exactly the type of girl you’d expect to live in a neighborhood like this: white, preppy and a wash of pastels. Carefully, one of the girls, who had paused in the middle putting away cereal boxes, continues with her task, a weird look on her face. She looks like she could have been the other girl’s sister, similar brunette hair, though slightly more reddish, similar dress, everything. Another, a very pretty Asian girl in fancy, revealing clothes, nods in agreement with the brunette, pushing a lock of her black hair out of her face. The last girl, a blond in probably the most revealing clothing, types boredly on her phone.

An older woman, dressed for work and digging through her purse, walks quickly into the kitchen, clearly in a rush.

“Language Robin! No swearing in my house!” she says, turning to the girl in question.

Robin shrugs, and has the sense to look at least a little guilty. “Sorry Mrs. D!”

The woman, Mrs. DeVeen, turns to the group, looking up from her purse. “What’s wrong this time girls? If someone’s giving you trouble at school-”

“Everything’s fine, Mom,” the girl who’d been putting away the cereal says quickly, another look of discomfort crossing her face.

The black-haired girl turns to Mrs. DeVeen. “It’s just Abby again. She’s been doing some…strange things is all. Nothing to worry about.”

Mrs. DeVeen sighs. “Do be nice to that girl. I know she’s…different, but she’s got a rough life and I didn’t raise you girls to be mean because of little things like that.”

The girl nods. “It’s just that she’s been making those awful horror films again, blatantly killing off characters that are meant to be kids at school. It’s kind of like a cry for help.”

“If you want me to say something to the school-”

Mrs. DeVeen gets cut off again. “No, it’s fine. She’s harmless. I don’t want to cause her any trouble.”

Mrs. DeVeen smiles at the girl. “Alright. You’re a sweet girl Jen. Now, I’m off to work girls. Make sure you get going soon. Oh, and Kathy, make sure you’re home by five tonight, I need you to help me make dinner.”

Kathy, who’d finally finished putting away all the cereal, nods. “Okay Mom.”

Mrs. DeVeen kisses her daughter on the top of her head quickly, bids the other girls another goodbye, and heads out the door. The girls wait until clicks behind her.

“Seriously though, that bitch!” Robin says, jumping back into the previous conversation.

Jen laughs, and the smile that slides across her face is almost sinister. “Don’t let her get to you Robin. She’s just a psycho who’s jealous and obsessed. She’ll get what’s coming to her for killing us off.”

The blonde girl finally looks up from her phone, still sounding rather bored as she says, “Yeah, don’t get your panties in a twist. Jen always gets the last laugh.”

“It’s all her own fault. That little freak of nature just doesn’t understand how things work,” Jen adds.

Kathy sighs quietly, still looking uncomfortable with everything going on in her kitchen. “It’s not that big a deal, anyway…”

A phone on the table rings and Kathy grabs for it, looking at the caller ID before picking up.

“It’s Erin,” she tells the girls, grinning, and lifts the phone to her ear. “Hey, what’s up Babe?”

“You heading to school soon? Morning practice is over,” Erin says from the phone.

“Yeah, we’re about to head over.”

“See you soon then Babe. Love you.”

“I love you too.” Kathy puts the phone down and turns to the girls as the call ends. “We should get going. The guys’ practice just ended.”

Jen nods, and gets up from the table. “Alright then, let’s get going girls! You driving Nes?”

The blonde girl nods. “As always.” Suddenly, a look of excitement crosses her face. “By the way, Ben says there’s a party tonight. He’ll get us in if you’re up for it.”

“Sounds like fun. We’ll see though. It depends,” Jen says with a shrug.

Nes smirks. “On whether you think you’re getting laid?”

“Something like that.”

“Darryl?” Robin questions teasingly.

Jen snickers. “You always think I’m hooking up with Darryl.”

“You’ve never denied it,” Robin says, slightly more harshly than she maybe should have.

Jen shrugs. “Why would I? He’s hot, and nobody cares whether it’s true or not.”

Nes rolls her eyes. “Darryl definitely doesn’t.”

Jen and Nes laugh, though Robin and Kathy seem to find it less than funny.

“We should get going. It’s getting late,” Kathy puts in as the laughing dies.

“Right,” Jen says, clearly making a decision. The girls grab their bags and head out the door to Nes’s car.