Scene One

DeVeen House

A large white house in a nice little neighborhood, one of those picturesque white picket suburban neighborhoods where everyone is a little too rich and all the problems get painted over. Birds chirp and kids laugh, nice cars roll down the road, everything seems pretty quaint as the camera zooms in on the house, towards one of the nicely draped windows.

ROBIN: That bitch!

Cut to a dining room with four preppy looking girls standing around the table, bags and backpacks sitting on the floor around them. The preppiest looking of the group, KATHY, a reddish-brown haired girl in pastel clothing is putting away cereal boxes looking slightly guilty. A brunette girl in similar clothing, ROBIN, is standing angrily, having just slammed her hands against the table. The other two girls are sitting at the table, the blonde girl, NES, in the most revealing clothing, typing boredly on her phone, the fanciest girl, JEN, nodding in agreement, pushing a lock of black hair behind her ear.

An older woman, ELSIE, clearly a mother, walks through the shot, digging through her purse.

ELSIE: Language Robin! No swearing in my house!

ROBIN: Sorry Mrs. D!

ELSIE: What’s wrong this time girls? If someone’s giving you trouble at school-

KATHY (quickly) : Everything’s fine, Mom.

JEN: It’s just Abby again. She’s been doing some…strange things is all. Nothing to worry about.

ELSIE: Do be nice to that girl. I know she’s…different, but she’s got a rough life and I didn’t raise you girls to be mean because of little things like that.

JEN: It’s just that she’s been making those awful horror films again, blatantly killing off characters that are meant to be kids at school. It’s kind of like a cry for help.

ELSIE: If you want me to say something to the school-

JEN: No, it’s fine. She’s harmless. I don’t want to cause her any trouble.

ELSIE: Alright. You’re a sweet girl Jen. Now, I’m off to work girls. Make sure you get going soon. Oh, and Kathy, make sure you’re home by five tonight, I need you to help me make dinner.

KATHY: Okay Mom.

ELSIE exits the room and the girls pause until the sound of the door clicking signals her departure.

ROBIN: Seriously though, that bitch!

JEN: Don’t let her get to you Robin. She’s just a psycho who’s jealous and obsessed. She’ll get what’s coming to her for killing us off. (She smiles nastily)

NES (boredly): Yeah, don’t get your panties in a twist. Jen always gets the last laugh.

JEN: It’s all her own fault. That little freak of nature just doesn’t understand how things work.

KATHY: It’s not that big a deal, anyway…

A phone rings on the table and KATHY grabs it

It’s Erin. (Lifting the phone to her ear) Hey, what’s up Babe?

ERIN (from the phone): You heading to school soon? Morning practice is over.

KATHY: Yeah, we’re about to head over.

ERIN: See you soon then Babe. Love you.

KATHY: I love you too. (the phone clicks as the call ends) We should get going. The guys’ practice just ended.

JEN: Alright then, let’s get going girls! You driving Nes?

NES: As always. (She suddenly perks up) By the way, Ben says there’s a party tonight. He’ll get us in if you’re up for it.

JEN: Sounds like fun. We’ll see though. It depends.

NES: On whether you think you’re getting laid?

JEN: Something like that.

ROBIN (teasingly): Darryl?

JEN: You always think I’m hooking up with Darryl.

ROBIN (somewhat harshly): You’ve never denied it.

JEN: Why would I? He’s hot, and nobody cares whether it’s true or not.

NES (rolling her eyes): Darryl definitely doesn’t.

NES and JEN laugh. KATHY and ROBIN look on nervously.

KATHY: We should get going. It’s getting late.

JEN: Right.
The girls grab their bags and head out the door.