Kathy DeVeen always feels guilty about something. Mainly it’s because her friend Jen Suzuki is a world class bitch. Then again, everyone in this town is guilty of something, lying, cheating, bullying. It’s your typical little suburb after all. All shiny on the outside, and crazy on the inside. The things that get swept under the rug in this town! If only people knew what everyone else was guilty of.

Unfortunately, it turns out that someone here is guilty of murder, and not just those horror films Abby and Nial are making where they kill off people they don’t like one by one. No, this is an honest to god serial killer. And as every great slasher has their own little pet to torture along the way, Kathy becomes the target of this killing spree. Poor Kathy. She always gets the short end of the stick. Well, except that she’s alive, at least for now, which is better than a lot of people can say in this town.

This is a story that I have been working on for quite a while with a little (or rather a lot) of creative help from Dan, and trust me, there’s so much to come.

Note: I’ll be posting this story in both Story and Script format for a little while, since I am actually writing it both ways. Whichever people prefer, I’ll stick with. I may also post some of my writing notes, as I have this planned out all the way to the end, but will probably take years getting to that point. We’ll see.