She always looks forward to November. November is when she gets to go home. And she needs home right now. Life is hell. School is hell. She’s so scared of the future that it’s actually a conscious thought now.

So why not go back to the past?

The first few days she’s back are torture. School can apparently follow her home. It’s really not fair.

Wednesday is a savior though. He finally got home the night before, and she’s desperate to see him. Lucky for her, he texts her, all but demanding she come over and watch movies with him and another friend of hers that she hasn’t seen in months.

She’s down.

People start to accumulate.

Suddenly there are six, seven, eight people, people she loves and cares about. Everyone is squished into one room, two couches and a chair.

The dog keeps trying to join them, but there’s no room.

Someone eventually gives up their seat for the dog. They coddle that dog, because it’s a damn miracle he’s alive.

They’re convinced the dog is immortal.

They laugh about the same things, and new stories.

Everyone’s different.

So is she.

The feeling isn’t though.

She’d forgotten how good it felt.

She doesn’t get home until midnight.

Thursday is fine. Thanksgiving goes about as expected.

She abandons her parents for a few hours to see one of her closest friends.

They gossip and laugh like it’s high school again.

They were so much closer in high school.

She still loves her though.

Just, maybe not her boyfriend.

She gets upset so easily around him.

But her old friend does seem to love him.

She still hasn’t made up her mind on him.

Friday is heaven.

They meet late in the day at a friend’s house, and the old gang is back together properly for the first time. Everyone is there, finally.

This is the high school she’s missed so much.

She loves these people.

It’s not the same.

It’s close enough though.

Things fall back into place just about right.

They end up building a blanket fort in someone’s basement and cuddling up together underneath it.

It’s times like these where she starts to think that maybe they’re all a little too close for their own good.

Maybe it’s just a little unhealthy.

There’s so much history there though. They’ve been through so much. There’s too much to let go now.

They all stay cuddled together for as long as possible.

She doesn’t get home until nearly 3AM.

Saturday she only sees two people, the two people she most wants to see.

She sits and talks writing and life with him for as long as she can, until her family requires her. His family wants her to stay. They even try to bribe her with food.

She falls back in with her old friend, and eventually ends up helping her family figure out their ancestry.

Her friend is depressed. She can tell. She can always tell. They ignore it though.

Maybe she’s just projecting herself onto her friend.

Sunday she heads back to college.

She isn’t sure whether she should be glad or not.