She’s out again, tonight it’s Monday, four days later. She’s alone again. The difference is, she’s happy this time.

The wind catches her hair in just the right way to blow a strand loose from her headphones and into her face in a way she’s grown to like. It makes her feel like a storybook heroine.

The music is the same, a dark, gloomy, electronic mix, but she sings along with a smile, on purpose this time, as she walks around campus, letting her feet follow a path she’s memorized, a loop that brings her back up to her dorm and the amphitheater.

The trek takes her down to a car park, deserted at this hour, it’s well after midnight after all. It’s a favorite spot of hers, for no apparent reason. She tried to take her possible friends there once. They complained about the walking. It was joking, but just the memory made her frown despite her mood.

A bunny scurried away into the underbrush.

The campus police slow and stare at her as she begins the second half of her circle, but they move on once they realize she’s walking carefully and quickly along the curb, not tipping over, not setting foot on the sidewalk. She does this most of the way back, even though she doesn’t have to.

She’s still singing slow, dark songs.

She’s still smiling, giddy on the night.

She comes back full circle about a half hour later, happy to find the amphitheater devoid of stoners for once. It’s too good to pass up.

She leans back in silence against a rock at the top of the circle, and pulls her feet up unto the stone bench. Her head settles back on the rock and stares up at the sky. It’s grey, threatening to rain. The tree above her head is a green grey, matching the sky, blending.

There’s one guy, taking a call in the center of the dome. He finally leaves. She gets up, letting the wind rake her hair again, exploring like she never could in daylight, searching for the best views, getting lost in the feeling, the grey and green landscape.

She puts one song, then another on repeat. The song from the night before is long gone, a similar one in its place, this time the theme is drugs, rather than lust. She finds it fitting. Adds to the ambiance.

She’s wandering in circles, arms swaying in the wind and to the music, hair a mess in her face.

There’s a silence, with only music and the rush of wind.

She hasn’t been this happy in a while.

A passerby gives her a look. Her eyes follow them intensely, blaming them for disturbing her reverie.

They scurry away, back to their dorm.

She wonders why people are wasting a night like this inside.

Two guys settle at the bottom of the pit, and she frowns again. Glaring, she continues her investigations. They give her weird looks, and she finally settles back at her rock, not willing to give up her night just yet.

The song ends.

The boys watch her.

She gives up her night, lets the wind guide her back into her dorm.

She puts a happy song on before she opens the door.