I usually have a rule about realistic fiction: I don’t write it. I’ve lived some much teenage angst in my time that I try to avoid it now that I’m out of high school. So I get if this isn’t your cup of tea. It’s not usually mine either.

College Girl is different though. I wrote the first one in a moment of desperate loneliness. I needed that outlet. College Girl is honesty in it’s purest form for me, where I stop thinking and let the demons in my head write what I’m actually thinking. It’s introspective bullshit, but it knows what it is. It’s real.

I think it ended up being on of the more beautiful things I’ve written. I’m very proud of it.

College Girl is a working title, the name of the main character. She is an amalgamation of my experiences. Everything that happens to her is something that happened to me. Don’t think of her as me though. College Girl is a nameless, faceless experience.

That sounds so pretentious. Oh well.